CLEARANCE Harmonica Key Label Set of 15 - Glow

A quick way to find your harp with these glow in the dark harmonica key labels.

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    This set of Glow-in-the-Dark harmonica key labels are the perfect little gems for helping you quickly find your favorite harmonica. Not only do you get 15 key labels, but you also get a Bonus TurboHarp Logo Label. 


    Not only are they sleek and stylish, they also look amazing under black lights. Designed to be fast charging and long-lasting, the glow in the dark version can help you quickly find your favorite harmonica in any situation, even in the darkest of places.


    These harmonica key labels are a must-have accessory and will fit perfectly on almost all harmonicas, harmonica combs, harmonica cases, and harmonica accessories.


    This is a Liquidation item and won't be in stock very much longer - get yours today!



    Set Includes 15 Key Labels

    • 1 – A
    • 1 – Ab
    • 1 – B
    • 1 – Bb
    • 2 – C
    • 2 – D
    • 1 – Db
    • 1 – E
    • 1 – Eb
    • 1 – F
    • 1 – F#
    • 1 – G
    • 1 – LowF
    • Bonus – TurboHarp logo label


    • Fits perfectly on almost all harmonicas and combs
    • Fast charging and long lasting
    • Includes an assortment of popular Keys
    • FREE Shipping to continental US
    Key Label Specs
    • Each key label measures .050" wide x .031" tall
    • Made of high quality material with a raised bubble design
    • Features easy peel 'n stick labels
    • Super sticky backing for longevity
    • Glow in the dark version is quick charging and will glow for several hours
    • For best adhesion, wipe your harp comb with alcohol before applying
    TurboHarp Glow-in-the-Dark Key Labels

    Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    John Veld

    Need more labels for low tunings

    thanks for the suggestion, John. I once used to include 'Flow' label, but then realized there is also Dlow, Clow, Elow, so I just created 'low' to avoid wastage. Each of those little bubble labels are more expensive than you (I) might think.
    That said... maybe next time I'll create a special low set exclusively for low enthusiasts.

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