The Stylish TurboTwenty Designer Harmonica

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 These TurboTwenty Designers contain uniquely designed TurboLids that make it hard to past up...

Highest Quality Materials:

The TurboTwenty harmonica is a efficient, professional, 10-hole Diatonic–German and US Made solid brass plates combined with hardened alloy reeds. Wrapped up in an elegant TurboLid that is created with durable poly-carbonate.


Ergonomic Design:

TurboLids make it impossible to accidentally play your harmonica upside down with its defined shape covers that fit perfectly in any sized hands. TurboLids are ergonomic & airtight design that have perfectly smooth edges, and are virtually unbreakable. Their smooth and classy two-piece housing unit is a spectacular custom harmonica with a user-friendly design that helps eradicate hand-cramping.



                        Streamlined and Stylish Designs
Our designer TurboLids gives the extra resplendent look to your TurboTwenty.

The tortoise shell TurboLid is flecked with our wonderous colors of auburn and black that leaves an impressable style.

Our goldish bronze Frog skin TurboLid has a unique realistic texture flair that is eye catching to the crowds.

The tweed TurboLids organizational colors helps bring out the checked pattern that forms a wonderful design for your everyday harmonica use.



Psychedelic TurboLid has a crazy translucent cool look that will catch the attention of all audiences with it spontaneous curves and gleaming of blue and silver colors.

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  • The “Tweed” that I call Carbon Fiber, maybe u can’t because it’s not actually carbon fiber is very elegant and is a lid I will be getting soon.

    Vincent Ross on

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