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TurboHarp has been reviewed and praised in various online and print publications over the years.

Here are a few of our favorites!

"...the 'Harmonica Bug Blaster'... promises to destroy 99.9% of all the nasty germs that love to live inside the nooks and crannies of our warm dark harmonicas."

Blues Harmonica.com

Kinya Pollard
April 2, 2020

"Some players might balk at the idea of an electric harmonica, but that's exactly what TurboHarp has turned a classic Hohner Special 20 into..."

Wiki.ezvid.com -
The World's Video Wiki

October 21, 2019

"Dr. Antaki, whose day job is trying to develop an artificial heart, is about to apply for a patent of his own -- for an electronic harmonica he calls "the Artificial Harp."

The Wall Street Journal

by Laurie McGinley
February 8, 1999 - Cover Story

"Prof. Antaki, or TurboDog as he is known to his fellow harmonica players, has several innovative products planned for the near future and with the TurboHarp/AX-S20 we get a taste of them."

Pat Missin -
World Renowned Harp Player


"Instead of just playing like a regular harmonica, the ELX has an array of electronic sensors surrounding each of its acoustic reeds."

Technabob -
Gadgets, Gizmos, and Games for Geeks

by Paul Strauss
June 10th, 2011

"I was impressed with the sound - Turbo Dog's case design really stands out and the increase in volume seems very evident to my ears."

Ian Chadwick's Review Site

November, 2008

"One of his most interesting inventions is the TurboSlide harmonica, a diatonic that uses magnets to lower the pitch of the blow notes in hole 1-6 of a Richter harp."

Modern Blues Harmonica

Brendan Power
April 9, 2012

"They ensure your mouth is nice and wide, seem to make the sound louder, and it is easier to slide up and down the harp (for me)... Much harder to pick up the harp upside down :)"

Modern Blues Harmonica

April 25, 2011