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Jim "TurboDog" Antaki
talks about his latest
TurboHarp invention
The TuneMaster
The World's 1st Tunable Harmonica

User Guides

TurboHarp offers a wide variety of User Guides for its products.

All .pdf files are downloadable, or can be viewed from your web browser.


TurboHarp User Guides

TurboLids - Marine Band Adapter User Guide

TurboTwenty Cleaning Instructions

The TurboSlide User Guide

The TurboAX/S20 User Guide

The TuneMaster User Guide

TurboHarp Ultrasonic Cleaner User Guide

TurboHarp ELX User Guides

The TurboHarp ELX User Guide

Zoom G1 User Guide

Zoom G1 Effects User Guide