Sotto Voce 2.0

Hypoallergenic Sotto Voce 2.0!! Quieter than a normal harmonica. Great for practicing in noisy places, Designed and Assembled in the USA

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    The Sotto Voce is The Original Practice Harmonica! Version 2.0 is now off the R & D Bench and available for sale. The original Sotto Voce just got even quieter! This is the perfect practice harmonica because it enables you to play without making your dog bark, or the neighbors calling the police! And with the earphone attachment, you hear yourself play in the noisiest of venues.

    Sotto Voce, pronounced so-toe-VOE-chay, means "in a soft voice" in Italian. Because the sound goes straight from the harp to your ears (via the stethoscope-like headphones), the Sotto Voce is very handy for practicing at times when you normally could not. Perfect for late nights when everyone in your house is sleeping, backstage at your gig, the tour bus, airports... you get the idea! No batteries or power supply needed!
    The Sotto Voce 2.0 is customized with our patented TurboLids that are durable & functional, ergonomic & airtight in design, have nice smooth edges, and is made from durable poly-carbonate which is virtually unbreakable. These lids are specially fit for just the Sotto Voce and are available in only 2 colors - Cobalt Blue & Glitter Red.

    The Original Practice Harmonica!

    • 62% Quieter than a normal harmonica's sound
    • 4 dB Quieter than the original Sotto Voce
    • No batteries required - works like an old fashioned gramophone
    • Perfect for practicing in noisy places
    • Includes a harmonica with a built-in patented TurboMute
    • Available in keys of A, C, or G
    • Cobalt Blue or Glitter Red Sotto TurboLids
    • Upgrade to a German Made Hohner Special 20 Body
    • Add on Stethoscope Headphones for only $9.95

    TurboMute US Patent # 8,895,825
    TurboLid US Patent # 6,291,751

    Harmonica Body & TurboLids

    Customize your Sotto Voce 2.0 by choosing your harmonica body and TurboLid color
    Economical Body: An economical Hohner body in keys of A, C, or G with a black comb.
    Upgraded Body: A German Made Hohner Special 20 body that is available in the keys of A, C, or G with a black comb.

    Sotto Voce 2.0 Harmonica Body Sotto Voce 2.0 TurboLids
    Hohner Harmonica Body

    Sotto Voce 2.0 TurboLids

    About TurboLids

    TurboLids are our patented and revolutionary design in custom harmonica cover plates - they are the Harp Cover of the Future! The "futuristic" look sets them apart from all the rest, and provide high quality functionality. TurboLids are ergonomic & airtight in design, have nice smooth edges, and are made from durable poly-carbonate which is virtually unbreakable. TurboLids not only look amazing but they will eliminate all sharp edges and screws that are found on your typical blues harmonica.

    The sleek and stylish two-piece housing unit is a stunning custom harmonica with an ergonomic design that helps eliminate hand-cramping. It provides an improved hand-cupping seal to give you better volume, tone, and expression. You can now get those “wah-wah” sound effects like never before. With so many colors and designs to choose from, you can truly show off your own style and unique personality.

    • Sleek and stylish two-piece snap on cover plates
    • Streamlined form factor – no sharp points or edges anywhere
    • Moustache & facial hair friendly!
    • Fits your hand ergonomically and improves hand-cupping abilities
    • Increases forward sound-projection
    • Hypoallergenic and non toxic
    • Easily removable for tuning or cleaning
    • Available in a wide variety of colors and styles
    • Chrome & Gold plated TurboLids are engravable

    TurboLid US Patent # 6,291,751
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    TurboMute Patent Information
    US Patent # 8,895,825
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Unfortunately, the Sotto Voce is a sealed unit that is glued shut so the harp body will not replaceable.

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    Get Stethoscope Headphones or TurboTabs Beginner Set for your new harp!

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    Stethoscope Headphones

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    TurboTabs Beginner Set

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    Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    The Sotto Voce 2.0 Harmonica Is Great For Practice

    I ordered two Sotto Voce 2.0 harmonicas in different keys and received them a few days later. One had a minor defect, so I contacted Jim at TurboHarp Harmonicas and explained the problem. He shipped out a replacement in the same key free of charge along with a newly ordered third Sotto Voce 2.0 Harmonica in another key. Yes, I was impressed enough by the quality of construction and sound of the Sotto Voce 2.0 harmonicas that I ordered a third one while resolving the issue with the problematic one, which I sent back.

    And they're great for practice and learning!

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