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Jim "TurboDog" Antaki
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The TuneMaster
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Dear TurboHarp Community,
Nothing is more important to us than your health and safety.
That's why we are taking extra measures, using a two-step process, to assure that all of our products are thoroughly sanitized and disinfected before we ship them to you.
We wish all of you continued good health.


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We currently ship to Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden and the UK.
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The TurboHarp Community

The TurboHarp Community is a collection of videos of some of our favorite customers playing their TurboHarp Harmonicas.

Our ever growing community is based all over the world due to TurboHarp's innovative designs that truly make them Harmonicas of the Future™


Would you like to see your video here?

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Peter "Madcat" Ruth

TurboSlide SSX
Brendan Power

Mark Bluesboy

Turbo BlueX
Jake Knows Harmonica

"Harmonica John" Frazer

TurboHarp ELX
Pennan Brae

Jerome Godboo

Steve Harvell