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Dios Prometheus
great harps

Turboharps are great harmonicas. They are fun. They are colorful. and they look really cool. Most of all they sound great.

Rainbow TurboLids
John Lobrovich

Love the TurboLids!

When in doubt bring out the Bug Blaster

Quick and easy way to disinfect harps--especially handy if one buys a used harmonica.

Marine Band Adapter
John Lobrovich
Game Changer!

I could not play the harmonica with the metal covers due to an allergic reaction. Jim at TurboHarp resolved that issue for me with his Tubolids. Now I can play everyday. Thanks

I purchased it for my son's 39th birthday which is Sept.10th. I have not given it to him yet. I hope it works.

TurboBend BX
Andrew Feldman
Exceeded All Expectations!

Hands down, the best harmonica I've ever played! I only recently became aware of these instruments and I'm sure glad I did. Fantastic response and every time I play it, I learn something new! Thanks!

Sotto Voce 2.0 is fantastic!

It's so much quieter than version 1.0, and a lot quieter than a TurboTwenty! It's just great! Thanks Jim! I will definitely buy version 3.0 as well, once you've developed it!

Need more labels for low tunings

thanks for the suggestion, John. I once used to include 'Flow' label, but then realized there is also Dlow, Clow, Elow, so I just created 'low' to avoid wastage. Each of those little bubble labels are more expensive than you (I) might think.
That said... maybe next time I'll create a special low set exclusively for low enthusiasts.

2ème achat, toujours parfait !

Après l'achat d'un magnifique TurboAX/S20 il y a quelques semaines, j'ai décidé d'acheter 2 lots de capots (pour mon fils et pour mon Harmonica que je prend au travail).
Objets d'excellentes qualités, envoie rapide (2 semaines pour la France) et bonne communication avec le vendeur.

Je recommande sans hésiter !

Merci infiniment!

Great Bug Blaster and Customer Service at TurboHarp

I really like the Harmonica Bug Blaster (and the free all-natural grape lip balm they sent with it). There was a problem with the first BugBlaster but they quickly sent another to replace it. Works well! Thank you.

All's well that ends well. Thanks for your feedback.

The TurboSlide
John Thompson
No TurboSlide yet

I assume this auto generated and my harp is still working its way through the dreaded supply chain from Germany. Let me know if I should be worried that I haven’t received it yet. Hope you are all healthy and harping! John

I'm glad that it finaly wended its way to you, JT. Sorry about the auto-generated message - i wish I could figure out how to turn that off. I appreciate your support.

Harmonica Bug blaster

I use the Bug Blaster on all my harmonicas and on my N95 masks. It is quick and easy to use. The company is reputable. I had communication with the owner before I placed my order. Very knowledgeable. Every harp player should have one of these units.

Turbo pouch

It is nice , well made.

TurboHarp Lip Balm
Michael Clark
Awesome lip balm

The lip balm is the bomb. Moisturizes and lasts. I like all the flavors

The TuneMaster
Deborah South

I like the way it feels in my hands. I’m a little disappointed with the sticker label on the back.. it is already peeling up. I like how it sounds, and looks, and I have enjoyed tuning it . I’m hoping the clear plastic covers will hold up for a long time . Super glad to own this little engineering marvel.

Thanks , Deb

Thank you for your feedback, Deborah. I apologize for the un-sticky label, but now that you've informed me, I will use better adhesive next time. These harmonicas are made one-by-one to-order (by me) and still going through some growing pains. Thanks again for your interest in Tunemaster - the ONLY tune-able harmonica.

Vincent Ross
Once you go Licorice you might not go back

Stealthy, sleek and with the red translucent comb, very seductive. Licorice turbo lid is the Black 🖤

Thank you, Vincent! Your positive review made my day!

Jeff Hady
Miss Apricot or Oral Amber

really enjoying the upgraded bluexlabs comb! sweet tone sits between SP 20 and Crossover. Thanks TurboDog for the experience!

Excellent vendeur, meme pour un client Francais!

J'ai acheté un harmonica Turbo AX/S20, je l'ai reçu rapidement, numéro de suivi et excellente communication avec le vendeur.

L'harmonica est génial, son et prise en main parfait, j'adore le design;

Je recommande, même si vous êtes français, le vendeur est fiable!

Frog Skin is a Prince

It really stands out amongst any other harmonica cover. I love "natural" colors and could almost use the TurboLids as a fishing lure if I didn't like them so much on my harmonica. Excellent choice by me😉

Pouch does it's job

The Turbo pouch looks sharp both in red and black. The lanyard is nice, but I like the belt loop on the back better. I like it!

Metalized TurboLids
Barry Wilson
Excellent but not perfect

The mirror finish makes the molded brace from the other side really show up. The ones with a busy finish don’t really make it stand out so much.

Thanks for your feedback, Barry; and sorry about the blemish on the brace. That's the location where the part is clamped when vacuum metalized. In the future, I'll try to hide it better. Most obliged.

Paul Brown
A Shapely Solution

They solve my problem. I'm a tongue blocker who plays deep so I get air-leakage over the corner of Special 20 covers by hole 1. TurboLids don't have corners and so I can get the airtight seal that full-length covers provide. Plus they're easy to fit and comfortable.
I'll be buying more because they enable me to play square-covered harmonica models.

Arrived Alive

Works as promised

The Sotto Voce 2.0 Harmonica Is Great For Practice

I ordered two Sotto Voce 2.0 harmonicas in different keys and received them a few days later. One had a minor defect, so I contacted Jim at TurboHarp Harmonicas and explained the problem. He shipped out a replacement in the same key free of charge along with a newly ordered third Sotto Voce 2.0 Harmonica in another key. Yes, I was impressed enough by the quality of construction and sound of the Sotto Voce 2.0 harmonicas that I ordered a third one while resolving the issue with the problematic one, which I sent back.

And they're great for practice and learning!

Great Customer Support 🤘

I love my new Turboharp AX/S20 key: Cnm, with aluminum comb. When I first got it, it sounded great and I couldn't put it down then 7 days later the 3 draw was stuck. I contacted Turboharp and he wanted to call me so he could hear it and then he said send it back and he'll fix it. I had it back in a week and it sounds great. I really wish I could get all of my higher end harps fitted with liners. It would also be great if they made at least one tremolo option. I will definitely be a repeat customer.