The TurboSlide

Picture it! A Harmonica with a Whammy Bar with features of the Seydel Session Steel then customized with our patented Magnetic Slide System. Available in variety of Keys and Comb Colors. Designed and Assembled in the USA

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    The TurboSlide is custom made from the fabulous Seydel Session Steel featuring our patented magnetic slide system that allows the player to bend either one or all the blow notes at once. With up to one whole step of bending power, it is like having both a diatonic and chromatic harmonica in one. The TurboSlide Session Steel also lets you introduce your very own tremolo so you can achieve the unique sound of a Hammond organ.


    The Harmonica with a Whammy Bar!

    • Bend one or all of the blow notes
    • Features the Seydel Session Steel & our patented Magnetic Slide System
    • Available in most keys
    • Custom Tunings including the popular PowerBender by Brendan Power
    • Choose from a variety of Seydel comb colors
    • Upgrade to a BlueX Lab comb

    TurboSlide US Patent # 8,802,949

    Harmonica Key

    Seydel Session Steel Reed Plates
    Available Keys:
    A, Ab, B, Bb, C, D, Db, E, Eb, F, G, Low D, Low E, Low F

    Seydel Session Steel Combs

    Choose a standard Seydel Session Steel comb color
    Or, Upgrade to a BlueX Lab Aluminum or Plexiglass Comb

    TurboHarp Seydel Session Steel Combs BlueX Lab Upgrade for Seydel Session Steel
    Seydel SS Combs
    Standard Colors
    BlueX Lab Combs
    Anodized Aluminum or Plexiglass
    Custom Tunings

    TurboHarp offers a variety of Custom Tunings on many of its harps. The type of Custom Tunings available is dependant upon the harp, so be sure to check the Product Options for available tunings.

    • Natural Minor
    • Harmonic Minor
    • Paddy Richter
    • Country Tuned*
    • Hong Bender*
    • Special Custom Tuning
    • PowerBender Tuning
    • PowerDraw Tuning

    * Please allow 2 weeks build time for Country Tuned & Hong Bender

    About PowerBender Tunings

    Invented by famous harmonica player Brendan Power, PowerBender Tuning builds on the best parts of the traditional Richter Tuning while altering the scale to make the real juicy and important notes much easier to obtain throughout the whole three octave range.

    • Same familiar breathing pattern in the upper-middle registers
    • All draw notes bend everywhere, holes 1-10
    • On the un-valved version you can overblow every hole 1-10, for full chromatic playing
    • Overdraws and blow bends are no longer possible or needed on a PowerBender - they are replaced with simple draw bends
    • On the half-valved version, a mix of normal draw bends and valved blow bends gives full chromatic-ism
    • Top octave easy to play (intuitive) as many familiar phrasings can be adopted from the bottom octaves
    • Easy to play in the common positions: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 11th, and 12th

    About Special Tunings

    • Use the following layout to indicate your tuning preference
    • Create a file (image or document) containing your layout
    • Upload the file using above Product Options
      * an upload file box will appear when you select Custom Tunings, and then Special Tuning
    • Or, Email Us the tuning information to

    How to Operate

    It's super easy - just press the button!
    You can press the button before blowing to play a fixed pitch or while you're blowing to produce a bend.

    • Press the button repeatedly while blowing to produce a tremolo effect. It sounds like a Hammond organ
    • Play a chord, then bend all the notes at once for a slow-motion effect
    • Try bending any of the lower notes in the usual fashion, then depress the slide: notice how they go even lower!
    • You can also press first, bend later.

    How it Works

    The TurboSlide represents a new generation of harmonica, somewhat adopting the characteristics of both the diatonic and chromatic harp. By sliding our patented magnet toward/away from the reed, the pitch can be adjusted manually.
    The current version of the TurboSlide is equipped with 10 magnets attached to a common carriage - one magnet for each blow reed (we're currently working on a model with draw reeds included in the system as well).
    Putting it all together, the current version of the TurboSlide provides the "missing" flatted semitones on the blow notes and greater control over the blow bends of the top register.

    TurboSlide US Patent # 8,802,949
    TurboSlide - How it Works

    User Guides

    Click to view or download in web browser

    TurboSlide User Guide
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Possibly. It has been on our to-do list for years. (As has been The TuneMaster.) If the harmonica gods are willing… we will get to it eventually.

    Yes, totally. This is a perfect job for The TurboSlide.

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    Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    John Thompson
    No TurboSlide yet

    I assume this auto generated and my harp is still working its way through the dreaded supply chain from Germany. Let me know if I should be worried that I haven’t received it yet. Hope you are all healthy and harping! John

    I'm glad that it finaly wended its way to you, JT. Sorry about the auto-generated message - i wish I could figure out how to turn that off. I appreciate your support.

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