The TuneMaster

The worlds first Tune-able harmonica, patented magnetic tuning technology, Designed and Assembled in the USA

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    The TuneMaster is TurboHarp's revolutionary invention and is the World's 1st and Only Tune-able Harmonica. The true secret to The TuneMaster is Magnetism! Based on our patented magnetic tuning technology, The Tune Master allows you to tune any reed precisely, with just a twist of a small screw. Customized from the Seydel Session Steel, their stainless steel reeds allow for tiny magnets to be placed on them. As an added bonus, we've also fit this gem with a Crystal Ice TurboLid.


    Have you ever wished that you could tune your harmonica like your friends with the guitar, or banjo, or fiddle, or… just about every other instrument in the band? Have you ever found the courage to try tuning your harmonica the old fashioned way: with a file or scraper? If so. We feel your pain! And that’s why we’ve developed The TuneMaster – the first and only tune-able harmonica.

    • Tune any reed precisely, with just a twist of a small screw
    • Same technology as used on our TurboSlide
    • Customized from the Seydel Session Steel
    • Fitted with a patented Crystal Ice TurboLid
    • 60 Day Satisfaction Gaurantee

    Please allow up to 2 weeks handling time as each are custom built by TurboDog himself.

    TurboSlide US Patent # 8,802,949
    TurboLid US Patent # 6,291,751

    How it Works

    The secret of the TuneMaster is… magnetism! It is actually based on the same patented magnetic technology as our TurboSlide harp but with two main differences.
    In both harps, each of the reeds has one small magnet hovering above it, by about 1-1.5 mm. The resulting magnetic attraction does two things: it pulls on the reed, and “softens” its stiffness. The softening effect is due to the “negative stiffness” of the magnet that, combined with the positive, elastic stiffness of the reed has the same effect as the traditional tuning practice sanding or scraping the root of the reed. (Negative? Stiffness? Yes, think about this: when you pull on a spring, it wants to pull back. When you pull a magnet off your refrigerator, it doesn’t pull back… but lets go.)
    The “pulling” effect is the other consequence of the magnet. But this is more of a negative side effect, because it alters the resting gap or offset. On the top side of the harmonica, the magnetic attraction pulls the blow reeds shut; and on the bottom side, it pulls the draw reeds open. Just a little bit. Yet enough to sometimes prevent the blow reeds from sounding (causing them to “choke”); and sometimes causes the draw reeds to feel leaky. Therefore I find it necessary to, sometimes, adjust the resting gap, ever so slightly by poking (the blow reeds) or prying (the draw reed) … gently.
    The other “secret” of the TuneMaster, by the way, are the Stainless Steel reeds of the harp. That is why it is based on the Seydel Session Steel.
    By the way. Because the TuneMaster is so new, we really don’t appreciate all it can do, and all you can do with it. So we really appreciate your feedback and creative suggestions. Feel free to play around with the tuning… its virtually impossible to cause damage; and even if you do, we will fix it for you.

    TurboSlide US Patent # 8,802,949
    About TurboLids

    TurboLids are our patented and revolutionary design in custom harmonica cover plates. The "futuristic" look sets them apart from all the rest, and provide high quality functionality. TurboLids are ergonomic & airtight in design, have nice smooth edges, and are made from durable poly-carbonate which is virtually unbreakable. TurboLids not only look amazing but they will eliminate all sharp edges and screws that are found on your typical blues harmonica.

    The sleek and stylish two-piece housing unit is a stunning custom harmonica with an ergonomic design that helps eliminate hand-cramping. It provides an improved hand-cupping seal to give you better volume, tone, and expression. You can now get those “wah-wah” sound effects like never before. With so many colors and designs to choose from, you can truly show off your own style and unique personality.

    • Sleek and stylish two-piece snap on cover plates
    • Streamlined form factor – no sharp points or edges anywhere
    • Moustache & facial hair friendly!
    • Fits your hand ergonomically and improves hand-cupping abilities
    • Increases forward sound-projection
    • Hypoallergenic and non toxic
    • Easily removable for tuning or cleaning
    • Available in a wide variety of colors and styles
    • Chrome & Gold plated TurboLids are engravable

    TurboLid US Patent # 6,291,751
    User Guides

    Click to view or download in web browser

    TuneMaster User Guide
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes! And as a matter of fact this was the main reason that it took so long to develop The TuneMaster… figuring out the puzzle of inserting the bottom magnets inside the harmonica cover plates.

    No. Unlike the TurboSlide, which has magnets on a rack that slides left and right, these magnets are in a fixed position laterally.

    Possibly. It has been on our to-do list for years. (As has been The TuneMaster.) If the harmonica gods are willing… we will get to it eventually.

    Yes. See below...

    You might do this for two reasons. Lets break it down. If you wish to remove the magnets because you don’t like having them, and want to return the harmonica to its original state, then one of two things will happen. Either (a) the entire harp will increase in pitch by a semitone (e.g. from Bb to B); or (b) the entire harp will increase in pitch by 50 cents. In case (a) you can simply play the harp as-is, albeit in a different key. In case (b) you need to unfortunately retune each of the reeds the old fashioned way, by either raising or lowering the pitch (filing the tip or the root). I would advise raising the pitch (filing the tip.)

    Yes, totally. This is a perfect job for The TurboSlide.

    Yes, in most cases, you can lower the pitch a semitone to flatten the 3rd, 5th, 7th, etc… unless the reeds start buzzing.

    To be honest… possibly. This is one of the reasons that we offer a 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. There are two reasons. One reason is that the springy-ness of the magnets is non-linear. Meaning that it depends on the magnitude of the excursion of the reeds. Hence the pitch might be affected by how hard you play. The second reason is because the magnets might open or close the resting gaps of the reeds, which might cause them to seem leaky, or to choke. This is usually easily correctible with a little re-gapping.

    Not right now. We like to use Seydel's Session Steel because we rely on the stainless steel reeds, which are slightly magnetic, unlike every other harp which uses brass, phosphor bronze, or other alloys. But maybe in the future.

    It's because each harp is assembled by hand, to order. Normally, I try to turn around orders within a week but rarely more than three weeks. Thanks in advance for your patience.

    Good question. It's because The TuneMaster uses twice the number of magnets, which are surprisingly expensive, and also requires twice the amount of work to assemble and set up.

    You are welcome to return it within 60 days for a full refund. This is twice as long as our usual 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

    That's easy.... Shop The TuneMaster

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