BlueX TurboTwenty

Features a Hohner Special 20 Harmonica enhanced with our patented snap-on Turbolids. Available in variety of keys and TurboLid colors! Designed and Assembled in the USA

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    The TurboTwenty is our version of the famous Hohner Special 20 harmonica. It’s a custom Hohner Special 20 optimized with our patented TurboLids. Made with durable solid brass plates and hardened alloy reed, this diatonic, richter-tuned, 10 hole harmonica is an excellent entry-level or professional-quality harp. It’s perfect for all music styles and you can choose from a variety of different TurboLid colors and styles.

    Designed with musicians of all playing levels in mind, the TurboTwenty's shape is defined by our TurboLids which makes it impossible to accidentally play your harmonica upside down. You can easily find it on a dark stage and won’t crush in your back pocket. With the variety of colors available, you can have a different color TurboTwenty for each Key you need. 


    Harmonica Key

    Hohner Special 20 Reed Plates
    Available Keys:
    A, Ab, B, Bb, C, D, Db, E, Eb, F, G


    Available in 12 different colorful lids
    Or, Upgrade to a Designer or an engravable Chrome or Gold Plated TurboLid

    Custom Tunings

    TurboHarp currently offers the following Custom Tunings on our TurboTwenty, TurboAX/S20, and our TurboBend BX.

    • Natural Minor
    • Harmonic Minor
    • Paddy Richter

    User Guides

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    TurboTwenty Cleaning Instructions
    Frequently Asked Questions

    All harmonicas aren't shaped the same...We would love if the TurboLid fit all harmonicas, but unfortunately some need adjustments, or won't fit. That's why we are working to increase the list to include all of your favorites, and making modifications where we can.
    Hohner Crossover The harmonica is too small. Shims are needed on both the width and the length of the harmonica. We offer a modified version called the TurboCrossover
    Hohner Marine Band The harmonica body is not wide enough. A shim is needed to keep the harmonica from slipping out of place.  We offer a modified version called the TurboMB
    Suzuki Manji The comb is too wide. The width of the harmonica needs to be filed down in order to fit. We offer a modified version called the TurboManji
    Suzuki ProMaster The comb is too wide. The width is just 1mm too wide. The width would need to be filed down in order to fit.
    Suzuki Olive The harmonica body is too large.
    Seydel Blues Session Steel The harmonica body is too large.

    Not you can imagine, we've had many requests for a Lee Oskar TurboLid. We would definitely consider making one if not for the tremendous cost of tooling. So, we've worked backwards and in a more economic fashion.  Dr. Antaki has created a tooling process to trim/grind down LO plates to fit within a comb, so as to fit within the existing TurboLid.  The result is the TurboLX.

    There are two styles, an old and a new. The TurboLid will fit the old style, but not the new, which is based on the Hohner MS system. You can check yourself by measuring the dimensions of the comb. If it is about 100 mm wide then it will fit. If 104 mm wide, then it will be too big (by 4 mm, surprisingly enough).

    Most harmonica players are taught to hold the harmonica (primarily) in the left hand, while some hold it in their right hand and use the left for vibratos, wah-wahs, etc. The Turbolid was designed for players who hold the harp in their left hands. The larger end is intended to go at the bass end. This provides additional resonance to the bass notes and clearance to the 1-reed, thereby reducing buzzing. But the Turbolid can be attached to the harp either way. We have a few satisfied customers who use it "backwards."

    That's easy.... Shop the TurboLids Series

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