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    The TurboAX/S20 is designed for maximum compression and over-bending. This custom Hohner Special 20 features our patented TurboLiners to facilitate bends, over-blown, and overdrawn notes. This favorite is also encased in one of our TurboLids to make it the ultimate harmonica for all harp players. This harp has been a TurboHarp customer favorite for years and is simply The Best Harp we offer!



    With its much-improved airflow, this harmonica is guaranteed to stand up to the high demands of the professional. The TurboAX’s shape is defined by our TurboLids which makes it impossible to accidentally play your harmonica upside down. You can easily find it on a dark stage and won’t crush in your back pocket. With the variety of colors available, you can have a different color TurboAX for each Key you need.

    • Diatonic Harmonica
    • Very responsive & airtight
    • Facilitates bends, over-blow, and over-draw
    • Customized Hohner Special 20 - by TurboDog
    • Patented stainless steel TurboLiner
    • Available in a variety of TurboLids

    TurboLiner US Patent # 8,802,949
    TurboLid US Patent # 6,291,751

    Harmonica Combs

    Choose a standard comb color
    Or, Upgrade to a BlueX Lab Anodized Aluminum or Plexiglass comb

    TurboHarp Hohner Combs BlueX Lab Upgrade for Hohner
    Harmonica Combs
    Standard Colors
    BlueX Lab Combs
    Anodized Aluminum or Plexiglass
    Custom Tunings

    TurboHarp currently offers the following Custom Tunings on our TurboTwenty, TurboAX/S20, and our TurboBend BX.

    • Natural Minor
    • Harmonic Minor
    • Paddy Richter

    About TurboLids

    TurboLids are our patented and revolutionary design in custom harmonica cover plates - they are the Harp Cover of the Future! The "futuristic" look sets them apart from all the rest, and provide high quality functionality. TurboLids are ergonomic & airtight in design, have nice smooth edges, and are made from durable poly-carbonate which is virtually unbreakable. TurboLids not only look amazing but they will eliminate all sharp edges and screws that are found on your typical blues harmonica.

    The sleek and stylish two-piece housing unit is a stunning custom harmonica with an ergonomic design that helps eliminate hand-cramping. It provides an improved hand-cupping seal to give you better volume, tone, and expression. You can now get those “wah-wah” sound effects like never before. With so many colors and designs to choose from, you can truly show off your own style and unique personality.

    • Sleek and stylish two-piece snap on cover plates
    • Streamlined form factor – no sharp points or edges anywhere
    • Moustache & facial hair friendly!
    • Fits your hand ergonomically and improves hand-cupping abilities
    • Increases forward sound-projection
    • Hypoallergenic and non toxic
    • Easily removable for tuning or cleaning
    • Available in a wide variety of colors and styles
    • Chrome & Gold plated TurboLids are engravable

    TurboLid US Patent # 6,291,751
    User Guides

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    TurboAx/S20 User Guide
    Frequently Asked Questions

    The TurboLiner, an integral part of the TurboAX/S20, is a precision etched stainless-steel plate that is bonded to the face of each reedplate of the harmonica. It is not available separately. Based on the figure on our website, the TurboLiner is easily mistaken for a gasket. But if you look again, you will realize that only one of the two TurboLiner's is located between the reed plate and comb.

    Usually we will lower the gap on the reeds relevant to the notes affected. We will also apply "TurboTape" to some of the reeds to increase their stability lest they squeak, squawk, or squeal.

    The setup primarily involves two things; one is the addition of TurboTape, which is generally a good thing, and has no known side effects (like make regular bends or regular notes harder or any other such thing). Second is setting gaps, which will involve the usual tradeoff between ease of overdraw/blow and risk of "choking" when attacking a note quickly. If you're learning overblows, part of the finesse is learning how to manipulate your mouth (tongue) muscles to achieve the note you are seeking. By closing the gap of the reed, the overblows become more achievable for a range (albeit small) of embouchures. But, if you attack a note with a constricted embouchure (with tongue forward), you might unexpectedly get an overblow note, whereas you might have previously gotten a straight blow note.... or nothing at all.
    In either case, it's a good idea to learn to adjust your reed gaps to your taste. And the TurboLid makes it really simple to get to the reeds to make the adjustment.

    The limited key availability is due to the reed dimensions. TurboHarp requires a special stainless steel plate to be attached to both reedplates. Since the Hohner reedplates come in two sizes, having shorter reeds for keys D and above, we cannot fit our existing plate to their plate. If demand were great enough, we would consider tooling up for the higher keys.

    That's easy.... Shop the TurboAX/S20

    Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Dios Prometheus
    great harps

    Turboharps are great harmonicas. They are fun. They are colorful. and they look really cool. Most of all they sound great.

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